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A small research team led by a starseed, personal growth nerd and ‘biohacker’ have finally discovered the KEY to raising your vibrations, manifesting 10X faster, and protecting your energy…

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Can’t raise your vibrations or KEEP them raised?

These seem to be problems of our time, but they don’t have to be.

Most ‘self help’ or spiritual courses miss the point.

They teach you theories, and ideas based on an ‘ideal world’.

But they fail to explain how reality really works, at the fundamental, ‘holographic level’.

If you don’t change things at the holistic, holographic level, you’ll NEVER be able to manifest things in the ‘physical’ 3D level.

No matter how hard you try, or how long you try for!

It will feel like trying to climb a mountain carrying a sack of rocks.

What if you could save yourself thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars?

By combining the most effective parts of the best systems and programs, you could drastically cut down the time it takes you to raise your vibrations and manifest faster.

Researching and learning this stuff cost me, dearly.

I’ve cried, bled, sweated and sacrificed a lot to put everything together. But it was SO worth it!

Thing is: it’s quite… unusual.

It’s not like your typical personal growth, spiritual or self help course/program. In fact, it challenges many things people think are ‘the best way’ of doing things.

But it’s all fully researched, rooted in fundamental psychological, spiritual, and mechanical principles that seem to just always work.

For example, one of the techniques for increasing your manifestation ability involves simply meditating at a specific (strange) time of day, with focus on a specific thing.

A lot of the work in this program is based on the ‘Pareto principle’.

The idea that – USUALLY – 80% of your results in a given thing, come from about 20% of your work or action.

When you know this, you can MASSIVELY save time.

Because you can ‘laser focus’ on the smallest fraction of the most EFFECTIVE things, and spend all your time doing those highly effective things.

You’re probably skeptical, and that’s normal.

In fact, your critical thinking, intuition, willpower and skepticism will actually HELP you get faster results using this.

Over the years, I’ve built various companies, we’ve researched countless ancient civilisations, gone through courses, books, programs and more.

I have data, research papers, studies and analysis stacked halfway up my office wall, and inter-connected mind maps that would make your head spin.

Funny story: One mind map I created to map out various models of reality and psycho-dynamics, was such a complex/large file, with so many annotations and notes that it literally crashed the software.

I had to work with their tech team to find a way to properly export/save it, because the file was so large.

Long story short: I’ve done my homework.

This system works for everyone.

Because our research team has laser focused on one thing:

Finding the most likely, most probable, most effective parts of as many systems as possible.

To come up with a ‘web’ of things that just KEEP working, time and time again, throughout history, all around the world.

The ‘gold dust’ of personal and spiritual growth that just PERSISTS, because it works so well.

I was attracting negative and ‘low vibration’ people into my life, I had financial problems, debt, low income, depression and illness. Throughout the day I just had NO energy no matter how long I slept for…

I couldn’t remember my dreams, struggled to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes, and things were just not going well for me.

All of that meant I just bounced from one ‘dead end’ job to another, essentially living on ‘autopilot’ all day. This continued for a few years and I had no idea what the root cause was.

My sleep quality was TERRIBLE.

My diet and habits were even worse…

And no matter what I did, I just couldn’t escape this rut I was stuck in.

I WANTED to increase my energy levels, attract ABUNDANCE and success into my life, and unlock my spiritual gifts, so I could live a life I REALLY enjoyed!

Years later, I learned that it’s ALL to do with your vibrations or ‘frequency’, but I’ll get to that…

So I had a long way to go, and I didn’t really know where to start.

I began my personal growth journey…

I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years, such as ‘biohacking’, high adrenaline activities like skydiving, all kinds of career types and businesses, various diets, travelling around the world, dozens of programs, personal growth techniques, and much more.

I’ve read hundreds of books, watched thousands of videos, and mostly… wasted my time.

However, I did manage to research and collect a large amount of information and concepts that DO work. Things that DO increase your energy, raise your vibrations and help you to manifest your dream life.

If you find that when you DO raise your vibrations, you just get pulled back down, this is probably why:

Shamans, sages, seers, and ancient wise men knew how reality works at the ‘holographic level’.

Imagine multiple LAYERS of reality, all stacked on top of each other. What we’re mainly aware of, is the ‘physical’ 3D layer.

Modern science is only now catching up with the idea that ‘physical reality’ is NOT actually physical, at all.

Quantum mechanics is one of many fields of study that is now showing this. They’re showing that if you zoom in far enough, nothing exists.

Nothing is this ‘physical’ stuff we’ve been taught is there.

It’s all energetic parts of a large, infinite, ‘potential reality’.

Science is also now confirming what was known 5000 years ago:


Specifically, conscious intention and thought patterns have a real, measurable effect on ‘physical’ particles.

‘Quantum entanglement’ shows that when particles are ‘linked’, this effect happens regardless of how far away the particles are.

This means thoughts can affect things in another country or even continent, with NO TIME DELAY.

So this world we’ve been assuming is ‘physical’ is actually far from that. It’s an infinite range of potential and possibilities, that we MOULD or shape with our thoughts and beliefs.

Not just in terms of our PERSPECTIVE of things, no.

We ACTUALLY change things, for real.

This brings new light and understanding to things like the law of attraction, and manifestation.

You’re LITERALLY pulling and attracting certain experiences, people, things and situations TOWARDS you, all the time.

Now, you might be confused or even frustrated about all of this.

Remember those multiple ‘layers of reality’ we spoke about?

How they’re all stacked on top of each other?

Above the ‘physical’ lies a layer called ‘potential’ or enfolded reality.

This layer contains a wide or even infinite range of possibility, which if left alone, will become ‘real’ in the physical world we live in now.

So this is where things like thoughts, subconscious beliefs and astrological patterns like archetypes project down the ‘most likely’ reality to us.

If you don’t change things THERE, you won’t change things HERE.

So of course, you need to access and reach into that ‘enfolded’ potential reality, in order to really change things in the physical.

Otherwise, you’ll just be struggling against yourself essentially.

Your Higher Self lives in this higher realm.

Imagine the higher realm is like the ‘projector’ of a movie.

We’re experiencing the movie.

We can scream and shout all we want in the physical world, we can take courses, meditate, and fight as hard as we can but NOTHING will change…

We can reach up, and change the movie that’s being projected.

That’s where this system focuses.

On the most effective ways of ‘reaching up’, and affecting things at the holographic level of reality.

Sounds complicated, but we’ve made it easy.

Manifestation, healing, astral projection, raising your frequency and anything else you can think of in the ‘physical’ realm, becomes like Kindergarten.

This is not really a ‘secret’.

In fact, it’s been used throughout history by both good and bad people or groups of people.

And for that reason, USUALLY, the group ‘in power’ don’t want the people to know about these things.

They’d prefer you just stayed weak, tired, confused, afraid and ‘stuck’.

It’s no surprise that NOTHING like this is ever taught in school, college, university etc.

But the beautiful thing about the last few years, is that ALL over the world, millions of people have been waking up.

We’ve been becoming aware of our power, freedom, strength and purpose. And I KNOW you feel it too…

If you’re still reading at this point, you must feel it.

The change happening, everywhere.

And it’s not really an evolution as such, it’s more of a ‘remembering’. We’re remembering that which we’ve forgotten for so long.

I’m going to share something really powerful with you in a moment, but first, does any of this sound familiar?

One thing I’ve learned is that when you know WHAT to focus on, you can easily change your reality. Everything’s easier with a ‘roadmap’. When you actually know what to do, you can change your life, and the changes happen FAST!

What if you could become almost Superhuman?

This quote sums up my research, and serves as a reminder that you have the power right now to change your reality. To change your LIFE.

And it begins with what you ARE, and what frequency you’re on, right now.

Your vibrations or frequency controls and guides pretty much everything else in your life. It affects your emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions and how ‘lucky’ you seem to be.

The truth is, you’re ALREADY attracting your CURRENT reality, by vibrating at that level.

I was ALREADY using the ‘law of vibration’ to create MY reality of feeling tired, broke, depressed and sick all the time… I just didn’t know it back then.

The Superhuman Optimisation System is a detailed action plan to transform your life, raise your frequency and create your new reality.

You’ll learn proven ‘biohacks’, body/mind alignment techniques, psychological principles, law of attraction concepts, habit formation methods, and much more.

This program is designed to TRANSFORM your life in just a few weeks. If you follow this, you’ll be able to unlock a version of yourself that will seem like a ‘superhuman’ (The truth is you’ve ALWAYS had the ability to feel this way, but you’re forgotten your true power!)

This program is different to almost every other personal growth program out there, because it leverages proven psychological principles, stacks concepts and habits on top of each other, and makes the process fun and even addicting. You won’t just focus on one area of personal growth, you’ll improve everything, without the frustration or ‘guesswork’

Split into 10 core modules, this high quality video course will show you EXACTLY what to change or practice, and how it works. You’ll learn only the most effective, proven and powerful concepts that can REALLY transform your life and how you feel!

This is essentially like the ‘BLUEPRINT’ I would have given myself, if I could go back in time, and meet myself. If I could go and meet the depressed, low energy version of myself 10 years ago, I’d give him this course and tell him to follow it every day for 90 days!

But the concepts taught here won’t JUST increase your energy…

They’ll raise your frequency, open your third eye and completely transform your reality.

Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s how the system works:

It’s cost me many thousands of dollars to learn, research and collect these concepts and principles, and create this system. But this is my MISSION, and I want this to be available for everyone.

I don’t want you to feel how I felt before…

I want you to feel happy, full of energy, motivated!

To become a fully optimised and LIMITLESS human…

Start The System Today And Raise Your Frequency to Create Your New Reality. You’ll Go From ‘Struggling’ To MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE. From This Moment On, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again. The ‘Old You’ Is Now Gone…

I want you to be 100% happy and confident about buying this, and investing in yourself. I’m willing to offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If you try this program and decide you don’t like it, you can just email me, and get a full refund.

There aren’t any hoops to jump through if you don’t like it, just email me letting me know you want a refund, and I’ll approve it instantly. I really believe you’ll love this and be very happy with the results, that I’m willing to offer this crazy guarantee!

You can trust that this will help you to astral project in just a few weeks!

Well, that’s the point!

I wanted to create a system that would transform anyone’s life, if they followed it. You don’t HAVE to believe in anything ‘spiritual’ if you don’t want to, this will still give you HUGE results in just a few weeks.

When you follow this system, your old life is over.

You’ll transform and create a new life full of happiness, more energy, increase intuition and where you attract other positive, high vibe people!

Now is the perfect time to start this system, and change your life. Most ‘self help’ books aren’t that attractive, because you read them and then assume it’s just ‘too much work’. Well, this is different, because these are all proven concepts that will have RAPID results!

So you could literally try the first module, and you’ll see HUGE shifts in how you feel. This makes it very easy to carry on, even if you don’t think you have the motivation or willpower to go through it.

Try it out risk free, go through the first module or two and you’ll WANT to continue! It will become addictive, and you’ll be amazed at the new life you’ve created for yourself.

Start The System Today And Raise Your Frequency to Create Your New Reality. You’ll Go From ‘Struggling’ To MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE. From This Moment On, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again. The ‘Old You’ Is Now Gone…

Take the red pill, and start experiencing higher vibrations and frequency for yourself.

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Click here to get Superhuman Optimisation System at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Superhuman Optimisation System is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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